SV Werder Bremen

SV Werder BremenN | Werder Bremen
A | Franz-Böhmert-Straße 1c
A | 28205 Bremen
F | 1899
S | Weserstadion
S | 43000
U |

soccer players

GoalkeeperDate Of BirthAge
1Germany Mielitz, Sebastian1989-07-1831
2Germany Vander, Christian1980-10-2440
3Germany Wiese, Tim1981-12-1739
DefenderDate Of BirthAge
4Germany Balogun, Leon-Aderemi1988-06-2832
5Poland Boenisch, Sebastian1987-02-0134
6Germany Fritz, Clemens1980-12-0740
7Germany Mertesacker, Per1984-09-2936
8Austria Prödl, Sebastian1987-06-2133
9Brasil Rodrigues, Ronaldo Aparecido1982-09-1038
10France Silvestre, Mikaël1977-08-0943
11World Wolf, Andreas1982-06-1238
MidfielderDate Of BirthAge
12Germany Bargfrede, Philipp1989-03-0332
13Germany Borowski, Tim1980-05-0240
14Germany Ekici, Mehmet1990-03-2531
15Bosnia & Herzegovina Marin, Marko1989-03-1332
16Germany Schmitz, Lukas1988-10-1332
AttackerDate Of BirthAge
17Austria Arnautović, Marko1989-04-1931
18Sweden Avdić, Denni Robin1988-09-0532
19Germany Hunt, Aaron1986-09-0434
20World Pizarro Bossio, Claudio Miguel1978-10-0342
21Sweden Rosenberg, Markus1982-09-2738
22Germany Schindler, Kevin1988-05-2132
23Germany Wagner, Sandro1987-11-2933

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