Hannover 96

Hannover 96N | Hannover 96
A | Clausewitzstraße 2
A | 30175 Hannover
F | 1896
S | AWD Arena
S | 25000
U |

soccer players

GoalkeeperDate Of BirthAge
1Germany Miller, Markus1982-04-0837
DefenderDate Of BirthAge
2Switzerland Eggimann, Mario1981-01-2438
3World Haggui, Karim1984-01-2035
4Germany Pander, Christian1983-08-2835
5Austria Pogatetz, Emanuel1983-01-1636
6Russia Rausch, Konstantin1990-03-1529
7Germany Schulz, Christian1983-04-0136
MidfielderDate Of BirthAge
8Portugal Alves Garcia, Carlos Alberto1982-09-0636
9Denmark Andreasen, Leon1983-04-2336
10Germany Chahed, Sofian1983-04-1836
11Germany Ernst, Henrik1986-09-0232
12World Lala, Altin1975-11-1843
13Portugal Pinto, Sergio1980-10-1638
14Germany Schmiedebach, Manuel1988-12-0530
15Germany Stindl, Lars1988-08-2630
AttackerDate Of BirthAge
16Germany Schlaudraff, Jan1983-07-1836
17Poland Sobiech, Artur1990-06-1229
18Germany Stoppelkamp, Moritz1986-12-1132
19Ivory Coast Ya Konan, Didier1984-05-2235

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