FC Augsburg

FC AugsburgN | FC Augsburg
A | Stadionstraße
A | 86159, Augsburg
F | 1907
S | Rosenaustadion
S | 32354
U |

soccer players

GoalkeeperDate Of BirthAge
1Germany Amsif, Mohamed1989-02-0732
2Germany Jentzsch, Simon1976-05-0445
DefenderDate Of BirthAge
3Germany Bellinghausen, Axel1983-05-1738
4Germany Callsen-Bracker, Jan-Ingwer1984-09-2336
5World de Jong, Marcel1986-10-1534
6Spain de Roeck, Jonas1979-12-2041
7Germany Langkamp, Sebastian1988-01-1533
8Germany Möhrle, Uwe1979-12-0341
9Germany Reinhardt, Dominik1984-12-1936
10World Sankoh, Gibril1983-05-1538
11Netherlands Verhaegh, Paul1983-09-0137
MidfielderDate Of BirthAge
12Germany Baier, Daniel1984-05-1837
13Germany Brinkmann, Daniel1986-01-2935
14Suriname Davids, Lorenzo1986-09-0434
15Japan Hosogai, Hajime1986-06-1035
16World Mutambo Sinkala, Andrew 1979-06-1842
17Germany N'Djeng, Marcel Biyouha1982-05-0639
18Germany Peitz, Dominic1984-09-1136
19Germany Werner, Tobias1985-07-1936
AttackerDate Of BirthAge
20Germany Hain, Stephan1988-09-2732
21World Kapllani, Edmond1982-07-3139
22Germany Mayer, Patrick1988-03-2833
23Germany Mölders, Sascha1985-03-2036
24Germany Oehrl, Torsten1986-01-0735
25World Rafael, Nando1984-01-1037
26Germany Thurk, Michael1976-05-2845

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